Cocktail Shaker Set Review

Cocktail Shaker Set Review

Cocktail Shaker Set Review by Hereiamlive – Premium SST Cocktail Shaker Set Bundle w/ Jigger, Pourers and over 50 Recipes / 24oz Martini Bar Kit

The cocktail shaker set review begins with the packaging. Not often is the packaging where I start the review, as usually there is not much to say, but in the case of our cocktail shaker set we are reviewing today that is not the case. The box is loaded with all kinds of useful information. It has the normal stuff, picture on the front and contents of the package on the back, which is nice, but what really caught my eye was all the extra information. On one side of the box we have a quick reference guide on how to make the perfect drink using the shaker, and on the other side the ingredients and how to make a Cosmopolitan, a Whiskey Sour, and a Margarita. Purchase this product Now

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How to make a Cosmopolitan


  • Cocktail Shaker – 24 oz 3 piece with built-in strainer
  • Double Jigger – 1 oz and 1/2 oz sizes
  • 2 Pourers

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Cocktail shaker kit review

Contents out of the box

Cocktail shaker kit review


Cocktail shaker kit review


Cocktail shaker kit review

Unwrapped and put together











We decided that instead of doing a video of the contents and showing you everything that comes with the Cocktail Shaker Kit we would pick one of the drinks it shows you how to make and film us actually making a drink. We picked the Cosmopolitan.  We first went to the store and bought a fifth of Absolute Citron Vodka, a bottle of  Cointreau, a fresh lime, and cranberry juice. I will say it is important to buy the fifth size bottle, as the smaller size bottle of Cointreau was to small for the pourer to fit in. Not a big deal, but something to note. Oh, plus we got a bag of ice. Your going to need some ice. We filled the shaker about 3/4 of the way full of ice. Then added one and one half ounces of Citron, which is a full jigger of both sizes. Then we added a small jigger of Cointreau, which is 1\2 ounce. Then an ounce of cranberry juice  and a half ounce of lime juice, which we squeezed fresh ourselves (just by hand nothing fancy). After all the ingredients were in the shaker we put the lid on and shook it for about 20 seconds and poured it through the built-in strainer into a cocktail glass. We garnished it with a lime and had a blast drinking Cosmopolitans all night. We picked the Cosmopolitan from the included booklet of about 50 drinks. We are planing on checking out a couple more drinks we will post them when we do. In the mean time hope you enjoy the Cosmopolitan.

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Cocktail Shaker Set Review

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