Universal iPad Tablet Tripod Mount Holder Adapter Review

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  • February 1st, 2016
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Universal iPad Tablet Tripod Mount Holder Adapter Review

Vastar® Universal iPad Tablet Tripod Mount Holder Adapter (12.5-20 cm Adjustable Width) for Apple iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad Mini 1st, 2, 3, – Samsung Galaxy Tab, Tab 2, Tab 3, Tab 4, Tab Pro, Tab S, Microsoft Surface, Google Nexus and more Tablets – Use on Tripod, Monopod, Selfie Stick, Tabletop Tripod Stand, etc

I do a lot of reviews, and I thought it would be nice to add video to the reviews. What better device to film my videos then my Ipad. It is the prefect device to do my reviews. It is small enough to take with me on the road, and high enough quality to make awesome videos. I have a 4th generation Ipad, and I had no problem fitting into the holder. I also put my first generation Ipad, and my Amazon Fire in the holder and they both worked fine. It is pretty cool that a Microsoft Surface even fits in the holder. I have a standard tripod nothing too fancy, and it worked just like my camcorder. You unscrew the adpter from the top of the tripod, and attach it to the bottom of the Ipad / tablet holder. Then you attach the Ipad and holder to the tripode. The same way you would a camcorder. Pretty simple and straight forward. If you have ever attached a camcorder to a tripod then you already know how to do it.

The adapter features a standard 1/4″-20 thread, which means you will be able to attach the to any standard tripod, monopod, or selfie stick using a 1/4′ -20 thread.

Portrait compared to landscape – It does supports the Ipad mini in landscape and portrait orientation, but it only supports the Fire, phablets, and the Tab 7 in portrait orientation. If your phone is over 7 cm wide it will fit Ipad Tablet Tripod Mount Holder Adapterin protrait mode as well. I had no problem with my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. I did however, have to get a little creative and only use one the the arms, but it worked fine. Shooting your videos in the portrait orientation kinda sucks compared to landscape. You figure most video is seen now a days in 16:9 or 4:3, so when you video record in portrait it is a small skinny video. You can try it by recording a short video with your phone standing up vertically (aka portrait) and then record a short video with your phone horizontal (landscape) and you’ll see that it is a much better looking video in landscape.

This tablet tripod holder mount adapter has worked well for me in making videos for my reviews. I love it and would recommend it to anyone wanting to film using their tablet. I would however, recommend that your tablet be at least 5 inches wide, so you can record in landscape.


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Universal iPad Tablet Tripod Mount Holder Adapter Review

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