Whiskey Rox Black Stones (reusable ice cubes) Review

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  • January 30th, 2016
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Whiskey Rox Black Stones (reusable ice cubes) Review

Whiskey Rox Black Whiskey Stones (Set of 9) – Natural Polished Black Granite – Reusable Scotch Rocks – Premium Whiskey Chilling Stones – Comes in Handsome Gift Box – BONUS: Black Velvet Carrying Pouch (reusable ice cubes)

If you are like me and you hate it when your drink is diluted by melting water from your ice cubes. Then we have just found the cure for you, and your drink dilemma. These stones are used as reusable ice cubes. After your done with them simple rinse them off, and put them back in the freezer. My friends thought they looked super cool. The cool box has an awesome presentation which makes this the prefect gift.

We put the reusable ice cubes to the test. Do they real keep your drink cold? Do they last long enough? Are they better than ice cubes? To begin with before you ask all the questions first ask yourself. Does it bother you that your Reusable ice cubesdrink is diluted and tasted watered down? If the answer to that question is yes. Then I think hands down these Whiskey Rox are for you. The Whiskey Rox look great in your glass. All my friends were impressed with them and thought they looked super cool. We put some water in two Dixie cups. One we put three ices cubes in, and the other we put three Whiskey Rocs in. After about 30 seconds or so we checked both glasses to see how cold they were. We used a room temperature bottle of water for this first test. I don’t think it was much of a surprise that the cup with the ice cubes was a little cooler. But the ice was melting and would of course diluted a drink and made it taste different where the Whiskey Stones will not dilute a drink or make it taste different. To be fare the claim of the Whiskey Rox is that it will keep your drink cool not make a warm drink cold, which by the way, it did make the water colder, just not as much as the ice cubes. So, we used some refrigerated cranberry juiceĀ in both cups and added three ice cubes and three Whiskey Rox to their respective cups. We awaited a little longer to check them this time, about 1 minute. Both cups were very cool and you really could not tell the difference between the Wiskey Roc and the ice cubes. They both kept the drink cold. The only difference between the two cups of cranberry juice was that the cup with ice cubes was noticeably diluted, as expected. Below you will find images of our little experiment and a short video.

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Whiskey Rox Black Stones (reusable ice cubes) Review

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